These Celebrity Doppelgangers Look Just Like Our Favorite Celebs!


Doppelgangers are real, and there is no way you can deny it. But, these celebrity doppelgangers look like the exact replica more precisely clones of our favorite celebs. They look so much like our favorite celebs that it is hard to find out what’s which one is real and which of them is well a fake!

Can you tell the difference between the real celebs and the celebrity doppelgangers?

1. Kim Kardashian and Kamila Osman.

This is one hell of a coincidence. Kamila looks just like Kim, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. Kamila told in an interview that she didn’t intentionally become Kim but it was how it turned out. She even featured in one of the episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud.

Does this fellow look just like young DiCaprio, doesn’t he? Konrad is a skateboarder and model in Sweden. But did you know both Leo and Konrad look just like Vladimir Lenin!

3. Rihanna and Rene Kujur.

This Indian Rihanna is really famous for her looks which are almost similar to Rihanna. Though she has a hard time getting work in India due to her dark skin tone. But she definitely has a huge fan following on Instagram.

4. Angelina Jolie and Chelsea Marr.

If somebody asks me to tell the difference between the two, I’d definitely give up. These two look exact replicas of each other. Chelsea is a British model who now works as Angelina’s double in the movies.

5. Kylie Jenner And Amira Boualleg.

The youngest of the Kardashians have a doppelganger too. Amira from France looks just like Kylie, she lives in Paris and like Kylie hopes to have her own cosmetic brand one day.

6. Ricky Martin and Fran Martiano.

celebrity dopplegangers

Sometimes having a celebrity obsession is really beneficial. Fran used to be heavily obese before he decided that he wanted to look just like Ricky Martin. So, he went on a diet and worked out properly to look like Ricky.

7. Madonna and Adam Guerra.

celebrity dopplegangers

Adam from Los Angeles has transformed himself totally to the famous pop star icon Madonna. He became the most famous Madonna’s doppelganger and for good reason!

8. Megan Fox and Claudia Andele.

Can you actually tell the difference between the two of them? I bet you certainly cannot. Brazilian model Claudia looks more like Megan than Megan herself!

celebrity dopplegangers

9. Pixee Fox and The Little Mermaid.

Jessica Rabbit a Swedish Cosplayer from Las Vegas, looks exactly like our favorite Disney princess Ariel a.k.a. the little mermaid. She underwent plastic surgery and removed six ribs and her face to look exactly like Ariel.

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