These Parenting Fails Are Going To Make You Feel Better About Yourselves!


Being parents isn’t as easy it seems to be, you may judge other parents and say that you’ll be a better one. But when reality hits you’ll find how difficult it gets to handle a kid with each passing day. But, no need to feel low and think that you’re bad parents either, have a look at these hilarious parenting fails that will make you feel better about yourselves.

Being parents isn’t easy and these hilarious parenting fails are proof!

1. No no no! Stop kid, you’re gonna end up embarrassing your parents!
parenting fails

2. Things like these happen when you have not one but two toddlers! Well, let’s just hope that they were okay.
parenting fails3. Just like I said, accidents are definitely bound to happen when toddlers are around, you’re still good parents though.
parenting fails4. The dad didn’t realize what the Santa was doing until the teacher informed him about it.
parenting fails5. And that’s why folks you never send dad out to get new clothes for the children because he’ll end up getting something really weird!
parenting fails6. It isn’t really wise to mix up Pajama day and picture day, well the look on his face is speaking volumes!
parenting fails7. Nice day, let’s go to the zoo and have fun. But no, you end up getting a Lemur on your daughter’s head instead! 8. When you’re trying to work really hard at work. But your boss’ decides to distract you in all means possible!
9. When you’re a parent, you become used to such mishaps in the plane.
10. Got ketchup on your face? But don’t worry kiddo dad is definitely going to fix this up right away!
11. I guess this isn’t what she meant to do, sometimes your kids purposely make you look like you failed!
12. So, this is definitely going to be fun. Oh well, nevermind!
13. Oops! Looks like the sunflower seeds her mom was throwing out made their way back into the car somehow!
14. If you let your kid run around almost naked in the hotel lobby, well, that indicates something, Sir.

15. Not the ideal first aid, but in case of a nosebleed this really helps, learned that from “She’s the Man”.

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