These People Have Great Luck When It Comes To Winning The Food Lottery!


What the one thing that would make you happy, like really happy? For me and all the food lovers all over the world, the best thing that could ever happen to them is winning a food lottery. No, lottery tickets or machines don’t have anything to do with it, actually. It’s all about your luck!

These people are probably praising their luck because they indeed have hit a food lottery jackpot!

1. Five perfect peanuts in a single shell? Well, that is definitely one in a million coincidences, or maybe it was something else?

2. Seriously, if that ever happens to me, I’d absolutely consider myself as the luckiest person on Earth, and this indeed is a blessing in disguise!
3. As a watermelon lover, I am undoubtedly jealous of this guy, just look at that perfection, how did you get so lucky?
4. If this isn’t what winning a food lottery looks like, I don’t know what does? This looks absolutely splendid.
5. I bought one of these once, and I ended up getting only one instead of two, and here you are with three of them in a package of two!
6. Is it just me, or is this strawberry indeed looking like a butterfly in disguise?

7. Buy one get one free? The only difference is that this offer is only available for one lucky person!
8. This can’t be true, this person has all the eggs with double yolks in it, I bet that Hen was a twin birthing machine!
9. She ended up with a tiny skittle world among her skittles. This look calmingly perfect.
luck10. Whoa! That is a really big lemon, she grew this on her tree, but boy, that is big.
luck11. Have you ever had such big and round blueberries? It looks surreal!
luck12. An orange within an orange, was it pregnant or something?


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