This Is What You’ll Get For One US Dollar In Different Countries!


One US Dollar may seem really a tiny sum in the United States, but in other Countries, it can get you so many things. But, what’s most interesting to notice is the different food items that you can purchase with just one dollar and it is amazing, from a cup of Espresso to two big cheeseburgers, one US Dollar can get these things in different countries!

You can buy these food items for just one US Dollar in these countries!

1. In France, you can get a delicious Baguette for a dollar.
one US Dollar

2.  One can of Tuna is what you’ll get in Egypt.
one US Dollar
3. This is definitely the good stuff, you can get 10 pancakes in a supermarket in the Netherlands.
one US Dollar4. In Hong Kong, you get a loaf of plain sliced bread.

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5. India is known for its love for tea, you can get six cups of tea, and not only this you can even have a full meal for a dollar, here.

6. In Africa, you get two big McDonald’s Cheeseburgers with accompaniments. Now, that is cool!
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7. An Italian cafe can give you an Espresso or a cappuccino.
8. In Vietnam, you can have a delicious bowl of pho, that sounds awesome!

9. Here comes the good stuff, In Hungary, you can buy a whole bottle of wine.
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10. One packet one instant Ramen noodles can be purchased in Norway.
one US Dollar
11. You can get 10 delicious vegetable dumplings at a food stand in Shanghai.
One US Dollar12. In Australia, a McDonald’s Slushie would cost you the bare minimum, would you care to spare just a dollar?



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