These Pictures Of Chris Hemsworth And Chris Evans Biceps Will Make Drool!


Who doesn’t love the Avengers? Probably the ones that are either too dumbwitted to understand, or are lunatics. But, everybody has their own personal favorite Avenger, but I don’t (You go Iron Man!). But truth be told, there are two particular Avengers who are definitely on a mission to have the most sexiest biceps on Earth. Have a look for yourself!

Who has the most perfect biceps in your opinion, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans according to you? Take a look and decide!

1. The first time we got a look at those was during The Avengers 2012.



2. Super beast mode you say!bicepsvia

3. Oh my God! Thor definitely is living up to his name. That is some serious dedication Chris!


4. Now, let’s look a bit closer. Yep that’s definitely nothing but endless hardwork and dedication.bicepsvia

5. Chris Evans, you look incredibly hot even in your simplest of looks.


6. When you got to take care of the baby but you don’t wanna lose your muscle workout session.


7. No, that is not CGI. That is all Chris. via

8. Can you please do me a favour and not look so hot all the time. It is really very distracting. via

9. No matter what he does, he looks irresistible. via

10. Whoa! Whoa! buddy, you really are in full beast mode. via

11. Well, well, take a close and good look at those muscles.


12. Chris Hemsworth has always looked this brilliant.


13. The First Avenger to his muscle workout routine, “I can do this all day.”

14. I can’t decided what’s more perfect. His smile or his biceps.


15. If this isn’t what perfection looks like. I don’t know what does. via

16. The result that you get at the end of the hard work definitely makes all the pain worth it. via

17. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Hemsworth, being Chris Hemsworth. via

18. I felt really bad for the Helicopter during this scene. Poor Bucky!


19. Thor Ragnarok is one of my favorite Avenger movies and Chris Hemsworth looks dashingly handsome carved to perfection. bicepsvia

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