22 Hilarious Representations Of Women’s Daily Struggles Too Accurate To Deny


Problems are a part of life and one has to combat with them to survive but the women’s daily struggles are unique in their own way and illustrator Christina De Witte depicts it with hilarious accuracy. These comical representations of women’s daily struggles are going to make you exclaim, “That’s soo me. Oh my god!!” The pain is universal ladies!

22 Hilarious Representations Of women’s daily struggles Too Accurate To Deny

  1. Going to bed doesn’t mean sleeping, facebook, twitter, Instagram – they call out to us. Women’s daily struggles

    women's daily struggles

  2. Food? Yessss. Clothes that I actually need? Well too costly, let me harass the shopkeeper first with my awesome bargaining skills.

    women's daily struggles

  3. The fear of the, eh, “pointy devices” we possess is hard to suppress

    women's daily struggles

  4. How can I even think of dieting when food is the only comfort I have?

    women's daily struggles


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