Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Simple Happy Moments Of A Proper Relationship


A happy relationship gives rise to several happy moments and the undercurrent of happy moments can well be illustrated through comic arts. In fact, it is possible to have happy moments only if it is a perfect relationship. A relation that is full of bickering and angst does not result in happy moments. On the other hand a perfect relationship can give rise to happy moments on any occasion whether you are packing bags for a holiday, taking a nap, a hug, a kiss or just a chat. The undertone of a happy moment is that the couple is happy in the company of each other and they do miss each other. Whether you are watching a movie together, going for a stroll or something else it must make you happy.

A perfect relation does not always mean that you need to feel happy. However, it surely means that if one does not feel happy, the other tries to do everything that can be done to make her feel happy.

The artist from Luxembourg, Valérie Minelli, has drawn on these moments in a relationship to illustrate the value of love. She not only draws great pictures, but is also a great illustrator. Her illustrations and drawings are inspired by everyday life. Professionally she is engaged in illustrating children’s books, but her hobby drives her to draw illustrations that help to improve people’s mood. In her illustrations, Valérie has depicted things from the regular lifeof a girl. The pictures collected here illustrate various facets of relationships. The depictions of happy moments in a relationship are not just cute, they can bring tear to your eyes. There is no doubt that after seeing them, you will give a tight hug to your partner. The illustration which depicts that the worst part of a break up in relationship is that the shirt that the partner has left has stopped smelling like him is such a emotional  one that it can leave you teary eyed.

Take a look at some of her masterpieces below:

Image Credits: Mrs.Frollein


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