Best Responses To “Kicking The Cap Off A Bottle” Challenge Trend.


Challenge trend has always been around since the birth of the millennial era. You’ll see a new challenge on the internet every day and people are up and going with every challenge that comes their way. But, this time, the challenge can only be fulfilled by professionals. Taekwondo master, Master Fa had put up a “kick the cap off a bottle” on the internet and the celebrities responded in style!

Here are some of the best responses to the new challenge trend by Master Fa- “Kicking The Cap Off A Bottle”

So, this was the original post by Master Fa, as he uploaded this he challenged Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Conor McGregor, Jackie Chan. Statham was the first one to respond and people sort of joined in on it!

And one by one the celebrities responded to this challenge and each one of them is simply outstanding.

1. Is this challenge the bird box challenge? Omg he managed to kick the cap off the bottle with his blindfold on! 

2. Jason Statham is a real bad*ass, challenge accepted and fulfilled Master Fa!

3. Seriously, how can these people be neat with this trick? I’d probably kick the entire bottle off the table or wherever I’d keep it.

4. Oh you think that was tough? Let’s see you do it with heels fella!

High Heels Bottle Cap Challenge

Omg I did the #bottlecapchallenge with High Heels !

Posted by Julio Janpierre on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

5. Marlon, you’ve got some sick skills bro! That is seriously just awesome!

6. Seen a lot of boys do it, now look at what girl power can do, that was freaking awesome Ashley!

7. Okay, honestly, I was being a little doubtful, but this is seriously one of the best!

8. It may be easy doing it back at home, let’s see you get it done while your on road in front of people.

9. That is one hell of an example to the phrase, “two to Tango” You tangoed pretty well gentlemen.

10. And who do we have here? This little fella has outdone them all, good one mate!


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