Girls Posted Their Pretty Vs Crazy Pictures And They’re Hilarious!


All of us are familiar with Instagram, aren’t we? Women flaunting their flawless beauties on social media is something that we all fall for. But, are these social butterflies really so flawless and delicate as they seem to appear. Well, these girls found out their “other” side with hilarious Pretty Vs Crazy photos are we’re shocked!

You’ll have a hard time believing that these pretty vs crazy photos belong to the same girls!

1.  I didn’t know that Cinderella had this “turn-into-an-ogre” talent hidden so well. Way to go princess!pretty vs crazy photos

2. So, you’re telling me that this pretty girl can transform into that hideous creature in just a matter of seconds?
pretty vs crazy photos
3. Okay, that is some seriously weird transformation. She looks so pretty in her previous picture!
pretty vs crazy photos
4. Okay, she has definitely got two moods, and you better be careful not to mess with the second mood.
pretty vs crazy photos
5. Don’t believe what you see, she might be hiding that face underneath all that beauty!
pretty vs crazy photos
6. Okay, the first picture looks really better, and I’m not even sure she’s human in the second one!
pretty vs crazy photos
7. That pretty girl is hiding all that double chin somewhere inside her mouth I suppose.
8. Vintage is supposed to look like vintage not like you’re going through constipation.
9. Oh hey, she’s so pretty. Okay, I’ve changed my mind, see you never.

10. If you think she’s always gonna look this pretty, think again, she can pull off that face too!
11. Is she possessed or something? This is impossible humanly!

12. Looks like her lips disappear on command, that is a different level of crazy.

13. Oh my god, looks like her face is melting, I’m serious, she needs help!


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