The Darkest and Awesome Moments Of The Dark Knight.


Here are some of the darkest moments of The Dark Knight for you to see.

 1. Batman Gets Addicted To Venom

the dark knight


This Dark Knight arc shows Bruce Wayne getting addicted to a strength enhancing drug called Venom after failing to save the life of a young girl. As the drug takes over, Bruce loses his sanity and becomes so voilent that he has to ask Alfred to lock him in the batcave for his own good.

2.The Dark Knight Goes On A Killing Spree With A Machine Gun.the dark knight   via

The miniseries called “The Cult” by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson shows Batman being abducted and brainwashed by a cult led by Deacon Blackfire. The brainwashing leads to Bruce taking a machine gun and gunning down people blindly. However the narration doesn’t seem clear if it was a hallucination or not.

3.The Death Of Jason Todd.

“A Death In The family” arc shows the second Robin’s death at the hands of the Joker, who beats him down with a crowbar and locks him in a warehouse with a ticking bomb. Batman arrives too late to come to his protégé’s aid and finds him dead.


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