The Darkest and Awesome Moments Of The Dark Knight.


10.Batman Hangs a Super Powered Mental Patient.

the dark knight

Yes, he did exactly that to a Super powered mentally ill man with a noose made from reinforced steel hanging the man from his Batplane saying “He’s better of this way”.

11.Batman Kicks A Guy Into A Sword.


In this issue Batman kicks a guy back who hurled a sword at him so hard that he goes flying off and lands on his partner’s Sword impaling him on it. That’s what you get if you piss off the Bat.

12. Thomas And Martha Wayne’s Death.

the dark knight

We conclude this list with the trigger that pushed Bruce Wayne into the path of seeking justice on his own. His parents’ needless death over their possessions by a junky is indeed the darkest story line of the Batman series.


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