How A Dark Skin Color Model Has Taken The Internet By Storm


Khoudia Diop is a model who is popular in the fashion industry of Senegalese. In her childhood, people used to bully her because of the black color of her skin. However, at the age of 15, when she moved to Paris, some people regularly approached her with a suggestion of becoming a model. The 22-year-old, model, grew up in New York, has nicknamed herself as self-proclaimed “Melanin Goddess”. Despite the ridicule past incident, she is rising above in her life. However, still, there are some online jerks, who make negative and inappropriate comments about her.


Source – Instagram | Khoudia Diop

Khoudia was born this way; it’s not that she did this to herself on purpose. As a child, she was a constant target of her bullies.

Some people even nicknamed her as ‘darky’ or ‘daughter of the night.’ Soon, Khoudia realized that because of her charcoal skin color, her bullies wanted to make her feel bad about herself. However, like a brave girl, she showed them that she didn’t even care about what anyone thought about her. In return, she loved all of them.

As time passed, Khoudia learned to love herself. She finally decided, not to give any attention to the negative comments made by several people on her looks.

After suffering from such a horrible experience of bullying, she has a message for every other girl out there. She said it doesn’t matter how you look. The only thing that matter is how you feel about yourself from the inside.

Khoudia’s decided to pursue a goal for herself to make sure that all of her dark-skinned sisters laugh at everyone who has some standard of beauty.

At the age of 17, she started her career as a model.

She is a regular social media user. She shares her pictures on the social media platform along with some beauty tips for her followers.

She says that, if you are lucky enough to be different from others then don’t ever to change yourself.

Right now she has more than 500k Instagram followers.


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