Ever Wondered What Happens To Your Body Before And After You Die?


Let’s face it, once in a while, we all think about death and life after death. Okay, maybe some don’t believe in life after death, but you can’t deny that the thought of what happens when a person dies has definitely crossed your minds. The changes that occur in the body before and after death are not something that you’d like. But, for those who wonder what happens, keep reading on.

This is what happens to your body before and after death!

1. You lose your appetite.


Feeling hungry is an indication of energy expenditure. We perform various functions throughout the day which obviously requires energy which is obtained from food intake. But when these functions tend to slow down, the body seems to be rejecting the intake of food.

2. Slower movements.

Struggling to move even a small distance and having difficulty in physical functions is another indication that your end is coming near and hence the bodily functions have slowed down to the bare minimum.

3. When you finally begin to slip away.


Dying is usually a result of two cases when a person is having a cardiac arrest or is brain dead. Major cardiac arrest isn’t retrievable since the synapse function of the SAN stops and hence can’t generate heartbeats. The second is being brain dead the person can only survive if put on life support.

4. Rigor Mortis.

After a person dies, due to the lactic acid accumulation in the muscles the person begins to become rigid. This usually starts after a couple of hours after death and remains up to 24 hours.

5. Liver Mortis.

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When the heart stops functioning the liver functions stop as well and the blood seems to get accumulated in different areas due to the gravitational pull.

6. Algor Mortis.


Humans are warm-blooded beings, after death, the body temperature begins to lower and finally becomes cold due to the destruction of blood capillaries.

7. Tardieu spots.

This happens due to the rupture of blood vessels and capillaries which results in creating spots on the surface of the skin.

8. Tache Noire.

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If the eyes of the person dying post-mortem haven’t been shut close properly then a brown line appears in the middle of the eye.

9. Decomposition.

After the ceremonies have been over the body is either laid in the ground or burned which results in the decomposition of the body.


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