If Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast!



3. Akshay Kumar as Ross Geller

Don’t they look so similar, also playing a nerd with failed marriages would come easily to Akshay, considering that he is such a good actor. Making those faces like Ross does, I bet you, only Akki can do that!!

Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast
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4. Katrina Kaif as Monica Geller

I think Katrina, can be the best person to play Monica, because of her determination. Remember the time Monica was so determined to lose weight, when she overheard Chandler saying, ‘Ross’ fat sister’ and so is Kaif. Also, she can make squeaky voices whenever required.  Oh, didn’t I talk about the crackling chemistry between Chandler and Monica? Now you know why I chose RK and Katrina to play the Indian version of Chandler and Monica.

Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast
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