If Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast!



7. Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan as Jack & Judy Geller

Now we all know how critically descriptive Jaya Bachchan is, considering her ‘Happy New Year’ episode with SRK and Farah Khan ,and so is Judy towards Monica. She has always preferred Ross over Monica and has always mocked Monica about her marriage all her life. So probably Jaya is the Indian Judy Geller. Now that everyone knows what a beautiful couple Jack and Judy were, keeping that in mind, the closest possible, happiest Indian celeb couple had to be Amitabh-Jaya, so there goes. Parfait!

Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast
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8. Salman Khan as Richard Burke

Okay, this is completely on the basis of Monica’s casting as Katrina Kaif, given the fact that they were once dating and also had a huge age gap between them, just like Monica and Richard, who had a 21-year-old age gap.

Friends TV Show Had An Indian Cast
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