Girls Can Be Gross Too But They’ll Never Say This Out Loud!


Let’s face it, not everybody in this world can be clean 100% clean and tidy all the time. Yeah, we girls may look very clean and tidy on the outside. But, only the ladies know what’s the truth behind the really neat and shiny look. Girls can definitely be gross and we aren’t even ashamed of it!

Girls can be really gross, but shh nobody is ever gonna talk about it in the open!

1. We don’t really change our bras regularly.



Okay, boys, judge all you want but nobody owns a million bras and nor do we have the time to wash it regularly, so we make do!

2. Examining a tampon after it has been inside us.


Yeah, this definitely will creep you out but it’s true. We do like to see the condition of our tampons after it has served it’s purpose.

3. Enjoying digging out ingrown hairs.


Who doesn’t love to do that? But, that’s still a secret.

4. Making hair art on the walls of bathroom while showering.


It is absolutely gross and gives me the creeps too. But, I know how much you love to do it (cause I do too!).

5. Eating a piece of food that has fallen into the cleavage.


This may not be the most hygienic thing to do, but why let food go to waste?

6. Using your bra as a pocket. 


I don’t know why there is no concept of pockets in the attire designed for women? But, don’t worry, we women know how to adapt and survive.

7. Only shaving you legs when it is really necessary.


Who on Earth likes to shave all the time? It consumes time, a hell lot of a time. So, we save our energy for occasions when it becomes absolutely necessary to shave.

8. Scraping dirt from under your nails.


I know, you’ve probably freaked out enough by now. But, really, it really is a peaceful thing to do!

9. Picking dry skin of your lips.


It hurts, it bleeds, but do we stop? Nah, not really. Okay, chapped lips aren’t really what lips are supposed to be, but we like the feeling sometimes.

10. Cleaning body with wet wipes instead of showering.


Who doesn’t love an extra few minutes of sleep? I know I do. So, be it. Wet wipes it is.

11. Squeezing your black head just to see it wiggle out.


Finee I get it! It’s really horrible. But, it’s really so calming. I mean, who needs blackheads anyway!

12. Dusting your scalp and watching the dandruff fall like snow!


Not gonna say anything about it!

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