15 Gym Myths Which Won’t Let You Achieve Your Dream Body Shape.


7. A plate full of Chicken and Brocolli’s.

Most of the body building freaks can be seen munching on Chicken and Broccoli all day. How do you do that? This is nothing more than an old school mentality. You may even suffer from a deficiency of particular nutrients.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

8. Fruits won’t contribute in making you look chubby.

According to us, fruits are the healthiest options to munch on. Undoubtedly, they are. But that doesn’t mean that you can eat fruits all day long and expect yourselves to shed some kilos. Fruits have a lot of easily accessible carbs and these doesn’t let the body fat burn down.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

9. Fat is something that should be avoided. 

Many of us are of the notion that fat makes us unfit and it is to be skipped in any of the cases. But wait, does good fat drift us towards the fatty look? Nope. Probably we are forgetting the difference between good fat and bad fat. Make sure that you include a dose of good fat in your diet and get out of such kind of gym myths.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing.Via


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