15 Gym Myths Which Won’t Let You Achieve Your Dream Body Shape.


10. Altitude training does wonder.

There is nothing special about Altitude training due to which a person gains some quick powers or physiological benefits. We do tend to learn better in the.lap of nature but that has nothing to do with altitude. In fact some people’s recovery capability diminishes at high altitudes.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

11. Yoga does wonders in the case of backpain.

To some extent the statement is true. Yoga does help us in relieving back pain but it all depends on the type of pain. Yoga helps in stretching and strengthening, thus helping in the muscle related cases. But the cases of a ruptured disc and of similar kinds may not be relieved through Yoga.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing.Via 

12. You cannot gain muscles after 40.

Age does slow down your body and brings in the wear and tear factor but that that isn’t that strong to not let you gain muscles. You need to get a body checkup done and make sure that there are no hormonal imbalances.

Gym myths we all need to stop believing. Via 


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