Kate Middleton Is A Repeat Offender Of Royal Protocol And We Are Proud Of Her


From restrictions on using bright colored nail paints to censor on cleavage and bare legs – the list of fashion etiquette rules the royal family has to follow is endless. But ever since Kate Middleton got into a relationship with Prince William in 2003, the tweaks in royal protocol to suit a modern age woman are more glaring than ever. It’s not like Princess Diana hasn’t done her fair share of rebellion or Meghan Markel isn’t following the footsteps of her successors – it is just that when the Duchess of Cambridge does it, she creates a style statement to follow
The current era of royal reign is bold with Kate and Meghan as heiress. The royal family has to abide by set of rules and etiquettes that has been in family for centuries now, but Kate has been known for tweaking these protocols here and there as per her likings.
While these rules aren’t too harsh per say but we feel there shouldn’t be a rule book on how a mature woman chooses to dress herself in the first place. Kate Middleton broke the online shopping stores sale with her outfits but that isn’t the only thing that got broken.
Below are some of the pictures of the times The Duchess of Cambridge proudly broke the royal protocols.

The Royal Protocol Doesn’t Allows For Bare Chested or Heavy Cleavage Dresses but Kate rocks them 

The Royal Family ladies are asked not to show their legs bare but Kate has been seen wearing a knee length dress without a pantyhose many a times

Kate Middleton even wears wedges – something that isn’t allowed inside the palace or anywhere near the Queen

She refused to hire a full time nanny

She prefers spending time with family over royal duties

The Royal protocol adheres the royalties from getting physical with public but Kate makes room for empathy

Image Credits : Getty Images UK ShutterStock


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