Life 101: You Don’t Need “Safe” to Be Successful In Life!


“Everyone wants to be a copy of someone he thinks is successful in life ”.

This, I believe is the only reason we fail to understand what our true potential is.

We are one of a kind, are all made equal, but grow up a certain way. It is only natural for us to nurture apart and also the only reason why there is no one like us in the whole wide world. It takes a lot of time for one to understand that we don’t fail because we are unique; we fail because we try everything to follow someone else’s footsteps.

1. A conventional set of life goals does look soothing from a distance, but it doesn’t let you realize your true potential.

 Successful In Life
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2. College is one aspect to the stereotypical way of leading life. No, I am not refuting the necessity of college and education, all I want to convey is that a straight face and “foolproof” path will never let you evolve.

 Successful In Life
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“Less are only my grades, not my wisdom” – Rocket Singh.

3. The only untraveled path leads to something new.

The biggest mistake we commit in our youth is to follow a set pattern. Parents, colleagues or friends guide us and decide what would be good for us. There are hundreds of Rockstars in the world but millions that “could also have been”!

 Successful In Life
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