Mistakes In ‘The Lion King’ People Completely Missed


The Lion King’s animated version is coming to release within some time and we all know what most of the story would be. Thanks to all the animated movies we saw when we were children. Lion King was one of them and it was a purely amazing story of a Jungle. It was an animated movie back then, so there were not as many expectations at that time after all.  But, it was an animated movie of the old-time and it was basically a 2D movie that was made with not so many modern tools, it had its flaws. People never found them out as in a cartoon you don’t look so carefully, but there were some mistakes in the movies.

Below are the mistakes of The Lion King people completely missed:

The Scars.

Simba clawed the face of Shenzi in the elephant graveyard and there were fresh scratch marks on it as well. Moments later they disappeared. Super healing, huh?

Older Simba’s Eyes.

Simba’s eyes change time to time throughout the movie, sometimes they’re white, sometimes they’re yellow. In a scene when he talks to Mufasa in the clouds, they change at least three times.

Disappearing Simba.

Timon and Pumbaa rode through a desert to find dying Simba surrounded by the vultures. They ride through them already and there was no Simba, seconds later he suddenly appeared surrounded by them.

Rafiki’s Paint.


Rafiki was all about magic and so when he was painting a picture of Simba on the tree, he had some paint color in his had and suddenly it changed to a different color when he painted, magic.

Long Neck.


In a scene, Simba and Nala were forced to take baths. At a point, only Nala’s head was animated and not the body. So, when she leans into Simba she’s like Mrs. Stretchible.

Nala’s Eyes.

Nala’s eyes were of the same color, but her pupils changed from blue to green a lot of times.


“I just can’t wait to be king” was Nala and Simba exchanging lines on either side of Zazu but surprisingly, there were no reflections of them in the pool beneath them, ghosts maybe?



Adult versions of Simba and Nala met, they rubbed their heads and purred. Lions can purr but only when they exhale and Simba and Nala were inhaling and exhaling.

Rafiki’s Tail.

Rafiki is a Mandrill, right? Well, he gets their features as well like the face, the mutton chops, the skinny body, and a tail. Mandrills don’t have a tail though.

Small Rocks.



Simba and Nala fall through the dead elephant with a bunch of rocks next to them. In the next scene, they disappear completely.


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