Movies And TV Shows That Were Not What Fans Expected


Movies and TV shows are our daily jam. The production of movies take more than years and for TV shows that run many seasons, it takes years in the making of all those hours. A simple trailer of any digital content hypes up the expectations or downgrade the expectations of the fans. Movies mostly tend to offer you what you expected and never disappoint apart from some real disasters. Sometimes what fans expected in on the screen and sometimes not. There can be two ways expectations can’t be met, one when you didn’t expect anything but ended up watching something good while, second when all your expectations drowned.

Below are some movies and TV Shows that were not what fans expected:

The Mummy.


People expected the movie would show a lot of Mummy action and stuff but we got to saw a lot of Tom Cruise which wasn’t bad either.

SpiderMan: Homecoming.

People thought this would be a mostly Iron Man movie but we got a good Spiderman movie that now has a sequel too.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

This movie was supposed to show exorcism and other horror stuff but was mostly a courtroom drama of the case.

Child’s Play (2019).

The remake wasn’t supposed to surprise us or anything but it was so good with all the modern references that it bettered the old one.



expectedThe showed as if a boy is going to be on a great adventure, but it turned out he was just moping around the movie mostly without a robot.


No one expected a DCEU movie to be worth watching and Shazam was an exception that ticked all the boxes MCU has been doing since ages.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star Of Milos.

From its posters, it should have been a cute anime movie but it was way better. This movie metaphorically depicted the Israel-Palestine conflict which was great.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


The movie series was at the point where there was no point of a sequel and people thought that this would be an unsuccessful attempt of keeping it alive. The movie turned out to be the best of the series so far!



From the trailer, people could see a mother dealing with her possessed child, which was later revealed to be some demon cult.


Venom was expected to be a dark movie with no so much heroics expected. But, in the end, it was a heroic movie with funny bits and little dark aspects. A complete entertainer.

21 Jump Street.


Jump Street was a famous 80s show and people expected if they revive it as a movie it would be boring. It was an extremely witty movie which was a great hit and even got a sequel.

The Hobbit.


The Lords Of The Rings Prequel was expected to be solo adventures of Bilbo Baggins but it was a CGI-ridden movie where the Dwarf after whom the movie was named was a mere supporting character.


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