Philippine Girl Goes Viral After Sharing Her Water Therapy Trick Which Helped Her Lose Weight Drastically


21-years-old Luchie de Leon from the Philippines went viral on Facebook when a post explains how water therapy helped her lose weight in just two months!

Water therapy, lose weight

Luchie de Leon’s Water Therapy Post Inspired A Lot Of People

Water therapy, lose weight

In her Facebook post, she shared all the steps required for the therapy to work.

As The Name Suggests, It Involved Drinking Lots And Lots Of Water

Water therapy, lose weight

In her Facebook post, Luchie de Leon simplified the whole water therapy process to lose weight in four steps.

Step Number 1:

Water therapy, lose weight

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“Drink at least two glasses of water before your meal.”

Step Number 2:

Water therapy, lose weight

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“Drink water every time you’re hungry. Wait for 10 mins. If you’re still hungry by that time it means you’re indeed hungry. Otherwise, it just meant you’re thirsty. It’s a mind trick our body sometimes play.”

Step Number 3:

Water therapy, lose weight

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“It would be better if you put some lemon in your water to detoxify your body. I think it’s more effective that way.”

Step Number 4:

Water therapy, lose weight

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“If you can, try adding ginger on the mix. It’s truly effective too.”

She Explained Why She Decided To Use Water Therapy To Lose Weight

Water therapy, lose weight

“I tried a lot of food diet programs and I also jogged but they just don’t work on me. This is the only method that works for me.” – she said.

Water Therapy Might Take A Whole Before The Results Start Showing

Water therapy, lose weight

She further shared-

There were a few who messaged me that they tried this way of losing weight but they felt bloated. I felt the same way when I started but eventually, I felt good.
You’ll find yourself going to the restroom multiple times but you and your body will adjust and you’ll see the results in no time.

Water therapy, lose weight

The Facebook Post Garnered A Lot Off Attention And Got Her A Lot Of Followers

Water therapy, lose weight

Losing that much weight even helped Luchie become more confident. She’s happier now and the best thing about her life is that she can wear whatever she wants to wear.

Water therapy, lose weight

Image credits: Luchie de Leon


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