Stupid Mistakes We Missed in Avengers Endgame


Marvel has finished it’s Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers Endgame and everyone has been crazy ever since wanting to know what happens next. First, we all waited a year since Infinity War so we could know how or if the Avengers would be able to undo the damage Thanos did, and now we’re waiting to see the fates of our characters, post-Iron Man and how they do and save the world. There’s definitely an amazing plot going on in the minds of the writers and let’s hope we get to see it soon. With an amazing plot comes mistakes and no matter the movie and its perfection, there’s something that is just left out and comes out later and Endgame isn’t the movie without these mistakes.

Below are the stupid mistakes of Avengers Endgame:

Thor And Rocket And The Cup.

When Thor and the raccoon were in the past a disposable coffee cup with a lid can be seen next to Rocket while he is standing on a pillar. Remember Game Of Thrones?

Black Widow, Vision, Tony Stark, And The Soul Stone.

Gamora died in Infinity War for the soul stone and in Endgame we can see her as the 2014 version of herself joining the movie until she maybe gets snapped again of course. But, like the past version of Gamora could come to the present and live, all the fallen heroes including, Black Widow, Vision, and Iron Man could be bought back from a time before they died. Maybe Marvel does that in the future, who knows?

Thanos from 2014 was snapped so Infinity War never happened?

Something, everyone might have in their mind. Well, since Thanos from 2014 was snapped, all the events from Infinity War never happened, so no technically died, right? Well, remember when the Ancient One said, if something is altered in the timeline, the timeline doesn’t change and rather an alternate timeline is established. So, basically, we are in a different timeline now and the one where the snap happens still exists and who knows if everyone who got snapped never came back in that timeline?

Hulk testing Time Travel.


When Hulk runs time travel tests with Ant-Man we can see Captain America standing between Black Widow and Hulk. When the camera pans out to Ant-Man and back to Hulk, Captain America is now on Hulk’s right-hand side.

Hawkeye’s missed target.


Barton stabs Akihiko with his sword and then Black Widow comes on the screen watching it. If anyone noticed the man who was cut down, you could see him visibly moving and breathing.

Tacos got snapped.

Everyone remembers this Taco scene and loves it. As you can see there are two tacos in the hands but Scott is only seen eating one and Hulk doesn’t have tacos after that, maybe Thanos used the stones again.

Hawkeye can write from both his hands.


He is ambidextrous if it’s not a mistake. We can see him use his bow in the left hand in Thor and then from Avengers he has been using his right hand.

Scott Lang can be at two places at the same time.

Scott tries to jumpstart the van and then when the camera cuts to another fight scene, he can be seen fighting a flying monster in the background, while later on he successfully jump starts as well.

Captain America doesn’t know his advisors.


When Steve Rogers became old and was talking to Wilson, he said, “I thought I’d try some of that life Tony (Stark) was telling me to get.” Well, this advice wasn’t by Tony (at least on-screen). Natasha gave it to him at the starting of the movie when he visits her office after he tells her to do the same.

Hail Hydra.



When Captain America is back in 2012 to retrieve the staff and says Hail Hydra this time for an easier out we can see Jasper Sitwell using a Samsung S6 which was released in 2015. Also, Hydra is a smart organization, and its top agents won’t know they allies and enemies, weird!


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