Terrible Product Malfunctions That You Wish Shouldn’t Happen To You!


13. I like these kinds of Malfunctions!

So our local gas station had a malfunction… from pics

The customer would go mad if he really gets that much of fuel at such a low rate.

14. All I can do is wish it’s someone’s Bedroom.

Nokia Lumia 1520 camera malfunction created an impossible picture. from pics

If it was a movie I would go run for my life, it’s haunted, man.

15. People were actually laughing at this



I remember playing with toy cars like this in my childhood.

16. These kinds of malfunctions can already give a heart attack to the patient.



In the day this would still be visible and fine but at night don’t even ask the horror it would generate.

Let us know in the comment section if you were ever a victim of product malfunctions like these or even worse.

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