The Real Secret Behind The Flawless Pictures Of Our Favorite Celebs Is Makeup!


Makeup, the magical secret behind the flawless pictures of our celebs. We often tend to believe that our celebrities always look their best no matter what. But what we tend to forget is, they too are only human like us. Wrinkles, acne, fine lines do catch up on them, but how do they look so marvelous in front of the camera? The answer to that my friend is makeup!

Want to know why do you always get to see flawless pictures of your favorite celebs? Well, the secret is makeup!

1. Shakira looks so much younger with makeup. But, you’ll always rock!

2. I guess the heat doesn’t spare anyone. She looks sun tanned and tired as hell!

3. The gorgeous looking Lady Gaga, well, looks not so gorgeous without her brilliant makeup.

4. Julia Roberts, she looks barely in her late 20s with her makeup on.

5. Eva Longoria Boston, Well, acne doesn’t really show up on the cameras behind the makeup, now does it!

6. Leighton Meeser, the gossip girl looks absolutely brilliant in her flawless makeup!

7. Tyra Banks, okay, no offence, but she looks really sick without her makeup.

8. Adele, the darling sweet looking singer, well, makeup does really work charms!

9. Jennifer Lopez, OH, My, GOD! Okay, for a second I though this was some loo alike. But , okay.

10. Drew Barrymore, Honestly, she looks much better without her makeup.

11. Jessica Chastain, she look tired without her makeup, but with her makeup she looks so beautiful!
flawless pictures
12. Cameron Diaz, How can this even be possible? Thanks to the make up artists!
flawless pictures
13. Heidi Klum, well, with her Halloween party records, makeup isn’t something non-familiar to her.
flawless pictures
14. Gwen Stefani, Whoa, I’m speechless here.
flawless pictures
15. Anne Hathaway, Well, Anne you do have two different lives!
flawless pictures
16. Tori Spelling, Am I daydreaming or is this really true?
flawless pictures

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