The Struggle Of Being Tall Is Real And This Artist Beautifully Illustrates It!


Girls can’t be really tall, or else it’s a mess, it doesn’t matter if boys are as tall as the empire state building, but if heaven forbid a girl is taller than the average she literally struggles to get through the day. Thankfully an artist relates to the daily struggles of being tall and depicts her everyday life in beautiful comics.

Graphic Designer And Comic Blogger depicts the struggles of being tall and all tall people can relate!

1. What’s with the weather joke? I mean seriously don’t you short people get tired of asking the same question over and over again?
struggles of being tall

2. Seriously, I can’t even wear what I like? How is that any of your business?
struggles of being tall
3. Honestly, anybody would be pissed if they have to have a bath like this, seriously shower companies, have you never seen a tall person before?
struggles of being tall
4. Yeah, right, and I’m Marilyn Monroe, so, can we have peace now?
struggles of being tall
5. This is a handy guide to how to not make awkward conversation with someone’s who is tall.
struggles of being tall
6. Even the simplest of things take a lot of effort, just wish countertops were more adapted to me!
struggles of being tall
7. All the fun and none of the missing out scene nonsense, but, you also witness a lot of weird and equally gross things going around.

8. The pain is real folks, why can’t the designers make something can suit the tall people and don’t forget the short people struggle too!

9. Oh! THe Horror of the dryer!

10. Seriously, when looks can say a lot, you wish that you were invisible, can’t you just mind your own business guys?

11. Makeup and dressing up are the two of the endless list of annoying things for people who are above the average height!

12. The same question, over, and over, and over again!

13. Trust me, it is not a pretty sight from up here!

14. Only they can understand the hilarious combination of a tall guy and a short girl.

15. Um, just switch sides already please!


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