Relatives : The Official Brand Ambassadors of Sarcasm!


Of course, they’re family… we do agree …. but can’t even deny from loads of jokes roaming in the internet world. Your parents may not bother about someone you’re seeing or your ‘not-so-good’ marks, this time, what they’re actually bothered about is the piece of crap ‘Log Kya Kahenge!!’. And by ‘Log’, they mean these bunch of people; The Relatives.

Let’s have a look at some kinds of relatives all of us have grown up seeing………. mixing troubles, criticism and lots of question marks in our lives.

1) The “When are you getting married??” relative!

They are the moving matrimonial sites with a list of most eligible bachelors for you. Your single status would create hundreds of frown lines on their forehead. Their favorite targets are the weddings where they hunt for spinsters and bachelors to play the matchmaking cupid. For them, if you’re unmarried, you’re the most helpless & hopeless creature on Earth and you seriously need a big fat wedding ASAP!

types of relatives

2) The “How much have you grown-up??” relative!

So, for them, the term Evolution just doesn’t exist. Every time they see you, they would be surprised as hell, would keep pulling your cheeks and yelling in wonder about how much you’ve grown-up! As if you were this tiny meeny last time they saw you and have turned into a big giant now. How come we never wonder how much they’ve aged up since the last time we saw them! Just kidding……. we still love them 😉

types of relatives
3) The “My child is the best” relative!

Got rid of those ridiculous comparisons with every possible Mr. Sharma’s child on Earth ??? Thanks but no thanks to such relatives. Accordingly, their child is the superhero who can fetch great marks, get amazing jobs, find the best ever life partner, summit Mt. Everest, invade Mars, go on a tour of the whole galaxy & soooooooo on…..! Even your most magnificent achievements hold no importance before theirs. Be ready to listen to such never-ending long success stories every time these kinds of relatives pay a visit to your house.

types of relatives


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