Classic Indianisms – 8 Things We Do That Are Totally Wrong

  1. Prepone

Inspired by the word ‘Postpone’ ,  Indians have struck up a new word, ‘prepone’. I guess, we are pretty good at lexicalization.

Classic Indianisms That Are Totally Wrong

  1. Auntie/Uncle

Everyone we meet becomes an ‘auntie’ , ‘ uncle’, ‘bhaiya’ etc. While to the rest of the world, Mr. and Mrs. sound polite enough, we consider it imprudent to address our elders by using ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ We are way too good at establishing relations you know!

Classic Indianisms That Are Totally Wrong

So next time you’re with an Indian, don’t confound the phrases he/she uses. After all, we are a pretty unique civilization who love to make our own rules. About the rules of English, well, never mind. Such Indianisms, Much People, WOW Country!


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