14 Awkward Situations That Everybody Can Relate Doing!


Everyday we find ourselves in awkward situations knowing or unknowingly. But, one thing is for sure, you can’t deny that you don’t do things that others may find absolutely awkward. It may seem normal to you until somebody actually points it out to you, and when you do realize what you’re doing it becomes extremely hilarious!

These awkward situations will definitely make you say, “Yes, I do this too!”

1. When you find that perfect series to watch and it consists of 20 episodes in each season! (Definitely can’t relate)

2. Omg, Yes, I do this too, though I’ve never really realized why do I do this, but I definitely do this!
3. This is me, checking if I did the right math on my test, Oh well, don’t judge me.
4. This tastes so good, and I don’t know why do I keep on doing this, but, this makes me feel like a kid again.
5. If you ask me what I’m doing on a weekend and I tell you that I have plans, this is the plan that I’m talking about.
6. This my friends, is what not being sure whether I need to make another sandwich looks like.
7. In every family, we have that One chair which can hold all the clothes that we own.
8. If you haven’t ever done this then you’ve never even imagined yourself in a music video ever!
akward situations9. Call me childish, but this is the perfect way of eating Mac and cheese.10. I’m literally cracking up! I can’t even believe somebody would call this as Pope’s funeral.
11. When you act like you want to help, but you actually have no intention of helping.
awkward sitautions12. Enter the shower, and the water is too hot to bear. This is legit what you look like.
awkward situations13. Waking up from a nap and not being able to recall what time of the year or which century it is!
awkward situations14. Everybody has that one drawer where you can even find the lost city of Atlantis.
awkward situations


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