Artist Reimagined Disney Villains And Made Them Look Creepier.


Disney movies are probably legit life lessons for kids of all generations, we have learned and grown not only with the Prince and Princesses but with the Disney Villains as well. Well, thanks to Disney we know that we don’t need to be kind with witches and eat whatever they give us. Nor do we need someone as “brave” as Gaston. So, how would you like if you were to see these villains get creepier?

Artist Shawn Coss reimagined the Disney villains and drew them to be creepier!

1. Anastasia and Drisella, these twins are now conjoined twins with more evilness.
Disney Villains

2. Okay, I hated Cruella before, and now she looks really hideous. To top it off they have dressed her up with dog bones and skulls.
Disney Villains
3. Dr. Faciliar looks really creepy in this illustration.
Disney Villains
4. If the granny with the apples looked anything like this then I bet Snow White wouldn’t have dared to et the apples.
Disney Villains
5. Frollo was terrifying even, to begin with because he didn’t consider himself as evil, this reimagination makes him look more terrifying.Disney Villains
6. Now, that is what the Lord of the Underworld should look like terrifying to the core.

7. I hated Jafar even when he didn’t look so vicious and cruel, it is safe to say that he looks even creepier.

8. Truth be told, I loved Angelina Jolie as Maleficent because he absolutely looks gorgeous in her attire, can’t quite say the same for this Maleficent.

9. Queen of Hearts, Yikes!

10. Scar looks even scarier, but I’m never going to forgive you for killing Mufasa.

11. Te Ka, she looked furious and angrier and scary, this reimagination has done justice to the original.

12. Ursula, I’m sorry, but you’re going to forever remain ugly, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.


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