These People Failed To Take A Cool Selfie But The Internet Loved It!


Taking a selfie isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, it may look easy to you, but it really isn’t easy. You’ve got learn the art of taking proper selfies or else you’re gonna pretty much end up, well, like these people who despite their efforts managed to hilariously fail!

You’ll re-think your selfie taking skills too after you watch these people hilariously fail!

1. Oh, well, that guy in the no-selfie t-shirt looks really pissed!selfie

2. Just when you think you’re gonna get a good selfie, you realize what arachnophobia really is!
selfie3. No, they are not showing the breadcrumbs, they had birds on their hands too you know!
4. I’m guessing the coyote didn’t really agree with the selfie. That grumpy look on his face says it all!
selfie5. Oh My God! I don’t know whether he knows this or not, but in about two seconds, he’s about to have a heart attack.
selfie6. That is not loving, that has got to hurt really badly. I feel pity for the guy.
selfie7. When you’re on the big screen and you just can’t miss the opportunity.
8. His son was flunking his class and his dad thought this was a good time to get a selfie, well, no Sir, it wasn’t appropriate.
9. You probably should’ve thought this through before you wanted a selfie with the monkeys.
10. Okay, that’s it, cats are real jerks sometimes, ruined a perfectly good picture.
11. That came out of nowhere, not really happy about the team winning?

12. Sometimes wind and hair can prove to be a really bad combination.
13. Is my girlfriend human or Hydra? Which one of her heads spit fire?
14. Okay, Mr. you need a serious 101 lesson on clicking selfies, seriously? You’re gonna hold that camera right in your face?
15. Nope, definitely didn’t go according to her plans.
16. Sisters can be really mean, and this photo proves that!


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