8 Craziest & Weirdest Yet Amazing Restaurants Around The World!


3. Devil Island Prison in China.

The owner of the restaurant wanted to raise awareness about the difficulties the prisoners face during their time in the prison. Upon entering the restaurant, clients are photographed, are allocated an inmate number tag, are fingerprinted and handcuffed, then showed to their cell, where a simple metal table awaits them. The furnishing in the restaurant is same as that of a prison. The staff wears black and white striped clothes like those of prison inmates.



4. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives.

This restaurant is built in the heart of Indian ocean 16 ft under water. If you are afraid of diving underwater then visit this restaurant and get crystal clear view under water and No…!!! whales or sharks won’t try to break in.One of the coolest restaurants in the world.



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