12 Awesome Fire Tricks No One Told You That You Could Try at Home


7. A Match In Glass

Try this step as shown in the figure below. It’s simple to perform.

fire trick at home


8. Singing Pipe

You need a blow torch and a metal pipe that contains some screen mesh on the bottom. Light the portion of the pipe with the screen mesh and place it in a vertical position, it will produce a unique sound.

fire tricks you can try at homevia

9. Burning Snake

The burning snake cracker has always excited kids, now you can try this trick at home. You need a lighter, zippo fluid, baking soda, sugar,sand and a bowl. Add 10 gram of baking soda to 40 grams of sugar. Pour sand in a bowl and wet it with zippo fluid. Now place the mixture of baking soda and sugar on top of sand. Light it up and watch what happens.

fire tricks you can try at home



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