12 Awesome Fire Tricks No One Told You That You Could Try at Home


4. Burning Ping Pong Balls

Light a ping pong ball on top, and watch it burn. It looks spectacular.

fire tricks you can try at home


5. Candle Seesaw

If you are running out of ideas for decoration in halloween, you can definitely try this trick at home. All you need is two glasses, a candle, a needle. Put a needle right in the middle of the candle and place it on the top of the glass as shown in the figure. Light up both the ends of the candle and watch the fire move up and down.

fire tricks you can try at homevia

6. Fire In A Bottle

Get a tall bottle, rubbing alcohol, and a lighter. Place little amount alcohol inside the bottle and shake the bottle while it’s closed. Next, light the bottle as shown in picture.

fire tricks that you can try at homevia


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