12 Awesome Fire Tricks No One Told You That You Could Try at Home


10. Steel Wool Fire

You will need a tray, some steel wool, and a lighter. Put the steel wool on the tray, then light the steel wool. Turn the lights off and watch the magic happen. It looks amazing.



11. Crayon Candle

You’ll be needing a plate, lighter, clip, and some crayons. Place the clip on a plate, then place the crayon inside the clip. Light the crayon on the top until a flame is created.

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12. Fire Tornado

You need a metal container, a lighter, rubbing alcohol, a mesh trash can, and a lazy susan or a record player. Place some rubbing alcohol in the metal container, then place the container inside the trash can. Put the trash can on the lazy susan or the record player. Light up the container and make the trash can spin.

fire tricks you can try at homevia

These fire tricks are visually stunning. Which one was your favorite ?

Be careful when you try them at home 🙂


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