8 Bizarre Foods Around The World That Will Make You Go Yuck!


All around the World, there exists weird and absolutely crazy and bizarre food dishes. These dishes have been created from equally bizarre concepts and some of them, as you will discover, are actually delicacies in their native regions. Well, let’s give them a taste one by one

Here are 8 Bizarre Foods around the World That Will Make You Yo Eww:

1 )Kopi Luwak (South East Asia)

Roughly translated as Cat Poop, Kopi Luwak is actually a coffee which is extracted from the faeces of the civet cat. These cats are made to eat coffee beans and upon digestion and excretion, their poop is made into coffee. Ironically, Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world.

Pic: The Coffee made from Cat faeces. Yikes! 

Bizarre Foods around the World


2)  Fried Tarantula (Cambodia)

A regional dish in Cambodia, the tarantulas, as big as human palm are fried and served as a speciality snack for locals and tourists. The taste has been described as pretty bland but the dish still stands out as a delicacy in native Cambodia.

Pic: Well, just Dip the Tarantula in the sauce

Bizarre Foods around the World


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