8 Bizarre Foods Around The World That Will Make You Go Yuck!


7) Balut (SouthEast Asia)

Now this is Brutal. Balut, a popular street food from SouthEast Asia is, unfortunately, a developing embryo of a bird which is boiled and eaten directly from its shell. The fertilized egg is incubated for 14 to 21 days before being used as a dish; in fact, in few variants of Baluts, you can actually see parts of a baby bird before swallowing it. Animal welfare organizations like PETA have long sought to ban this product but owing to being a traditional dish, Balut has survived.

Pic: Balut

Bizarre Foods around the World


8) Blood Sausage (British Isles)

Imagine a pudding made from blood? Even the thought of it may send people into a frenzy but such a dish does exist. Black pudding or the blood sausage is made from Pork blood and Pork fat which is then grilled or boiled in Pigskin. A delicacy in the United Kingdom, black pudding also has a festival dedicated to itself; The World Black pudding throwing championships which take place annually in September.

Pic: Blood Sausage

Bizarre Foods around the World


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